¿What is GMA?
Website dedicated to all martial arts practitioners around the world

Tournament Management

As a organizer or participant, you will be able to see the awards and trophies that are given on tournaments hosted on the site, as who participated on each category in them. If you are a master, you will also be able to create, promote and share the tournaments that you are hosting, creating both awards and categories to better organize them and also create QR codes for each of them.

Organize your Schedules

You can organize the schedules for all the classes you have planed, add and remove students from them, and take attendance from them; everything available to make your school's management easy and painless.

Check News Around the World

You will be able to access to all the news that are posted on the site, around the world, and that are relevant to the martial arts you practice or follow, as you will be able to create your own and show them to your pairs.

Make your own Website

You can create a custom website for your schools, which you will be able to design as you like. Create galleries, post blogs, make teams.